About Us

The Herbal Forest – Our Story

Cheryl Mantyla founded the Herbal Forest after one too many tragedies. Over many years, Cheryl watched helplessly as her loved ones lost their lives to disease and poor health. At that time, she didn’t posses the knowledge she needed in order to help others, so she became a Master Herbalist and a Certified Organic Skin Care Formulator. For Cheryl, Herbal Forest’s line of natural remedies is more than supplements and skincare; it’s a way to help people all over the world discover their better self.

We promote your overall health through our line of organic herbal supplements. You can use our natural remedies in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle to look and feel better than you ever thought possible.

Here at Herbal Forest, we believe that the key to lifelong wellness is good nutrition, clean water, and chemical-free products. Your body wants to be healthy, and it is constantly trying to achieve a state called homeostasis.


What is homeostasis?

Want to know a secret?

Your body knows what it’s doing. Whether you’re a fitness expert or not, your body processes are naturally set up to maintain a balance. This is homeostasis. Physiologically, it’s a complex and ever-changing dynamic process involving many systems within your body and mind – and, we think, your spirit as well. The purpose of homeostasis is very simple: survival. We believe that the best path to true wellness is to give your body everything it needs to maintain balance.